We are passionate about our business and our country, and are proud to offer our customers the true Aussie commitment that is honesty, fairness, value for money and above all, high quality products and services. That's why we carefully selected Kanguru as our partner - to provide you with the highest standards you deserve - to protect your personal information and keep your business data safe.

Australian Owned

Local Presence

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We are a proud 100% Australian owned and operated company, and honoured sole distributor of Kanguru Solutions - an industry pioneer providing secure portable storage, device management applications & duplication equipment - throughout Australia & New Zealand. A company whose mission has always been to actively design and develop high-quality technology products, backed by outstanding customer support.

Why Use Defender Secure Drives? 

The increasing sophistication of cyber crime and the rise in threat to sensitive data has spurned a greater need for more secure solutions to store and protect information.Cyber security is everyone's responsibility.It's vital that we protect our online systems and information - access to sensitive data must be limited through sufficient data security and information security practices designed to prevent unauthorised disclosure and data breaches. 

Kanguru combines the convenience of data portability with the security of hardware encrypted, military-grade USB protection. With Kanguru secure USBs, you can protect sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands all whilst being able to manage, monitor and report on your USB network with the option of Kanguru Remote Management. 

Join a community that includes government, finance & healthcare who look to Bellridge for powerful data solutions that are easy-to-use & exceed tough regulatory standards. Secure. Anytime. Anywhere.