KRMC Cloud™

Remote Management Hosted By The Cloud - Single Administrator


Cloud-based Kanguru Remote Management Console allows for subscription-based* remote management of select Kanguru secure USB portable devices. Control configurable security policies, password requirements, send messages and make updates all through a cloud-hosted interface from anywhere. KRMC Cloud allows for a device administrator to securely manage remote devices anywhere in the world. KRMC Cloud is the subscription-based alternative to our KRMC-Enterprise solution, and is managed on Kanguru's highly secure servers.

Need multiple administrators? See KRMC Cloud Pro upgrade

* Available in 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year Annual subscriptions per device. 


  • Customise Security Settings for All Secure USB Drives

• Specify Password Complexity & Attempts

• Manage Enable/Disable Settings
• Restrict Online/Offline Access (IP & Domain Control)
• Schedule Actions (Present or Future Times)
• Set Master Password and Policies

  • Remote Delete (Deletes all data on the target drive)
  • Advanced event and hostname auditing
  • Graphical reports
  • Locate via IP address
  • IP and Domain Control (Whitelist/Blacklist)
  • Device groups
  • Remote messaging
  • Remote policy modifications and actions: 

• Password Strength and Length (i.e. 10 characters: 2 upper, 2 numbers, etc)  
• Password retries (i.e. 3 retries before drive is wiped)  
• Rate at which password should be changed (i.e. every 30, 60, or 90 days)  
• Change user password  
• Master password functionality  
• Disable device  
• Remote update  
• Remote message

  • Quick and easy registration and deployment
  • SAML Integration for Federated Logins with Microsoft® ADFS, PingFederate, and Okta (Available in KRMC-Cloud PRO Only)





Cloud Based


KRMC Cloud is designed to work specifically with the following Kanguru secure portable USB drives:

• Defender 3000

• Defender Elite300

• Defender Elite30

• Defender Bio-Elite30

• Defender SSD300

• Defender HDD300

• Defender SSD

• Defender HDD

As well as Kanguru legacy USB drives:

• Defender 2000

• Defender Elite200

• Defender Elite

• Defender Basic+

• Defender DualTrust

• Defender V2


One, two or three year KRMC Cloud license key based upon the annual subscription selected - via electronic delivery. Each license key is valid for the time selected in the annual subscription.